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China and the International Criminal Court

World order has very few ways of policing war crimes. If world order and global security are to be enhanced, for the greater good of all of the globe’s citizens, then some method of pursuing and punishing perpetrators of attacks the most egregious kinds on innocent civilians is essential for the health of the planet … Continue reading

It’s Time for Canada to Back an International Anti-Corruption Court

Corrupt dealings undercut development, distort national priorities, accentuate inequality, and enrich conniving elites. Where governance is weak, corruption enables whole populations to be deprived of educational opportunities or access to health benefits. Corruption gives rise to civil conflict and its profits fuel long internal wars such as those in Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of … Continue reading

Going to Kenya Is a Dumb Idea, Mr. President

    This week, Secretary of State John Kerry paid a welcome, quick and clandestine visit to troubled Somalia after a short, heavily protected stop in Kenya. But that doesn’t make President Obama’s plan to visit Kenya in July any less misconceived or dangerous. To uphold the dignity of his office, and for the good … Continue reading

Entrenched Impunity for Despots in the Developing World

Citizens subject to unjust and tyrannical developing world despots have lost another major protection against misrule and leader­perpetrated violence. World order is now unable readily to curtail ethnic cleansing. Impunity seems to have triumphed, and the Canadian­born Responsibility to Protect norm been weakened. All of those results, and more, stem from the failure last week … Continue reading


  The Rome Statute of 1998 was a response to the genocide in Rwanda and the slaughter in Serbia, and an attempt to create an effective judicial mechanism that would be more enduring and more global in its jurisdiction than the existing special ad hoc tribunals for Yugoslavia and Rwanda and any new ones that … Continue reading