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Making Africa Healthier: China’s Contribution

The African Continent’s health outcomes are among the poorest in the world, with HIV/AIDS and Ebola only the latest scourges to kill millions of persons south of the Sahara. Pneumonia and diarrhea result in the greatest number of African fatalities, especially among children, but drug-resistant tuberculosis and malaria also cause massive mortality and abundant morbidity. … Continue reading

China’s Economic Slowdown Threatens African Progress

Africa’s prosperity increasingly depends on China. Given recent signs of a slowdown in the world’s largest economy, Africa’s short- and long-term outlooks seem precarious. The latest sign arrived on October 23 when China cut two benchmark interest rates to spur growth. It was the sixth time since November that China’s central bank has lowered rates … Continue reading

Africa Plagued by Third Term-itis

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan’s graceful acceptance of his loss this year to incoming President Muhammadu Buhari was a major advance for African democracy, for setting peaceful transition precedents, and for helping to mature political leadership on the continent. But that easy handover to an opponent was exceptional. Equally often, African rulers cling tenaciously to their … Continue reading

Entrenched Impunity for Despots in the Developing World

Citizens subject to unjust and tyrannical developing world despots have lost another major protection against misrule and leader­perpetrated violence. World order is now unable readily to curtail ethnic cleansing. Impunity seems to have triumphed, and the Canadian­born Responsibility to Protect norm been weakened. All of those results, and more, stem from the failure last week … Continue reading

Washington’s Good Intentions for Africa are Not Enough

Ebola epitomizes Washington’s Africa problem. With more than 40 African leaders meeting President Barack Obama, Vice-President Joseph Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry in the U.S. capital this week to celebrate the continent’s burgeoning economic prospects, governance weaknesses remain sadly real and a big drag on development. The presidents of Sierra Leone, Liberia and … Continue reading


  The Rome Statute of 1998 was a response to the genocide in Rwanda and the slaughter in Serbia, and an attempt to create an effective judicial mechanism that would be more enduring and more global in its jurisdiction than the existing special ad hoc tribunals for Yugoslavia and Rwanda and any new ones that … Continue reading

China’s $1 Trillion for Africa

China’s prosperity and its interest in Africa and African raw materials are crucial to Africa’s continued economic growth. As Africa’s population surges over the next several decades and Nigeria, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, among many others, swell in size, China’s investments and assistance will become even more valuable than they are already. … Continue reading